A Natural Way To Cure Migraines

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This Joseph Joseph Dot Hydration Tracking Water Bottle displays a dot every time you refill, helping you hit your daily hydration target and keep head pain at bay. If you notice your migraines are more prevalent around the time you menstruate, top up on foods that are high in phytoestrogens to balance your hormones, such as lentils, flaxseed, sesame seeds and soybeans.

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Known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, humans have been harvesting the powers of this zesty root for centuries. Ginger has also been known to reduce the nausea that comes with migraine attacks. Chew on a fresh clump or drink ginger tea. Famous for its relaxation benefits, lavender oil also has proven migraine-busting properties.

A recent study found that 92 out of migraine sufferers who inhaled lavender during a migraine attack responded positively to the essential oil. Rub it on your temples and wrists, add a few drops to your bath or try a diffuser to fragrance your whole house. Feverfew is a perennial flowering herb belonging to the daisy family and has been used to ward off migraines for centuries.

Research has shown that the fabled flower reduces the frequency of migraine headaches and headache symptoms, including pain, nausea, sensitivity to light and noise. Take it in capsule form for best results. A a trial found that holding an ice pack at the base of the neck helped to drastically reduce the pain and severity of migraines.

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Home remedies that help prevent migraines

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7 natural migraine treatments you may not have tried yet

STIs and fertility explained. They used EEG — a test that analyses brain waves — to monitor when they were over-aroused and then learned how to self-regulate by taking actions like reducing muscle tension and slowing their breathing rate. These devices then guide you on how to breathe to calm yourself down.

Try the emWave2 handheld device.

Loading up on magnesium may keep migraines at bay. Just keep in mind that it can take time to see results, up to three months of taking magnesium supplements, says Ahmed. You can take it as a supplement — to milligrams is typical. Or load up on magnesium-rich foods like wild-caught salmon and leafy greens.

If the thought of needles freaks you out, acupressure offers a gentler alternative. Acupressure is a type of massage therapy that stimulates sensitive spots on the body known as pressure points.

A study suggests acupressure is as effective as acupuncture in combating menstrual-cycle-related migraines. Specifically, subjects who applied pressure to their PC6 point—which is located on the wrist about three fingers from the base of the hand—with a Sea-Band aka a motion sickness band , reported less nausea. Research shows that it could be a powerful tool in your migraine-fighting arsenal. One study that investigated the effects of massage therapy on chronic pain found that headache and migraine patients who received massage therapy felt less pain following treatment.

The results suggest that massage is more effective in reducing headache pain than acupuncture.

Natural Remedies for Managing Migraine - Spotlight on Migraine Episode 19

Like massage therapy, yoga may provide migraine relief via relaxation and a decrease in muscle tension. Migraine-sufferers in one study reported a significant reduction of pain severity and other symptoms after inhaling lavender for fifteen minutes—they dotted two to three drops of essential oil on their upper lip—during the onset of a migraine.

10 Natural Ways to Reduce Migraine Symptoms

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