CREATE THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS IN 10 FUN, EASY STEPS: Step 8 - Remove Emotional Blockages

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Kimberly has a deep love and passion for small businesses.

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She believes that there is an abundance of creative individuals all around. Kimberly is fueled by her desire to use her talents to create opportunities and to help others be successful. When she is not working, Kimberly enjoys watching anime, traveling to other countries, attending live theater, and learning new technologies. All of us experience emotional turmoil. And all of us have our own unique ways of dealing with it.

We run. We perpetuate it through making passive-aggressive or overt comments, or we start retaliating. Find out more about how she can help you conquer your emotional turmoil. What are the things others ask your advice about? That could be your area of gifting. Jersey Garcia was working in a job that she enjoyed - and she liked making the contributions to the company that were part of her job description. Her co-workers and even her supervisor began coming to her for help and advice about the emotional turmoil they were experiencing in their relationships. It became so common that she was asked to make sure that those conversations were happening on breaks or after hours.

You can learn to identify your gifts just as Jersey did by listening to her story, which she shared on this episode of Happy Black Woman. Why are you in an emotional rut? Do you know?

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  6. But very few of us know how to go about figuring out WHY we are in that rut and what contributes to the stuck feeling we have. More importantly, what can we do to get out of it and stay out of it? She not only wants to help you deal with it, she wants to help you learn how to conquer it once and for all.

    Find out more on this episode. Are you the runner, the accomplice, or the fighter when emotional turmoil arises? When an emotional conflict or tension erupts we all react in some way. Jersey Garcia has discovered three personas she likes to use to describe the ways that people tend to respond. They become the runner, the accomplice, or the fighter. On this episode, Rosetta and Jersey discuss what each of those responses does to contribute to the emotional turmoil being experienced and uncover ways that we can deal with emotional issues that are healthier and more beneficial to the people involved.

    The emotional bond you share with friends prevents them from being good advice-givers. Most of us confide in friends or family members when we are dealing with an emotionally charged situation. But Jersey Garcia points out that while the instinct to talk about the situation is good, our choice of people to talk with is often unwise. People who are close to you, including good friends, are often too emotionally connected to you to be appropriately objective. On this episode, Rosetta points to that truth as a reason why all of us need a coach at times. You can find out more about it by listening.

    She has served as a Coach since as far back as High School more than 20 years ago as she was the go to relationship mediator for distressed family members, friends and eventually colleagues and clients. When she is not busy supporting her Coaching and Therapy clients, you can find her snuggling in her bed with the newest edition of the O Magazine, trying to convince her children that one more hour of cartoons will do them good.

    Your brand is how your ideal customers see you, and knowing how to implement effective brand development strategies can make or break your business. Find out how to build your own brand development strategy, on this episode of Happy Black Woman.

    How To Stop Bad Dreams In 7 Steps, Because Nightmares Are No Fun

    Brand development strategies start with being yourself and loving who you are. Once you know that - for certain - you have to be committed to it. You have to love it. Then, and only then will you be able to position yourself confidently and with an authority that others are drawn to. Find out more about developing your own brand strategy on this episode.

    When you are clear on the message, approach, and value you bring to the marketplace you are able to portray a confidence that your potential customers or clients need to see. Put yourself on a schedule. Do it early in your entrepreneurial journey. One of the most important things to being successful as an entrepreneur, woman, mom, wife, etc.

    You have the freedom to decide exactly when you are going to do the things that enable you to fulfill your varied roles. Far from being a restraint, a schedule is actually a freeing thing, if you learn to use it properly. Monokia Nance shares how to setup and use your schedule effectively, on this episode of Happy Black Woman. One of the things that happen to entrepreneurs unexpectedly is that their efforts to build a business consume their lives over time.

    They find themselves living more and more for the success of their business rather than intentionally making their business pursuits serve the higher aspirations and goals that make for a good life.

    How and Why It Works So Well

    Her acclaimed strategies are impacting the masses for a lifetime, not just for a moment. HWHN a non-profit community based organization, which promotes holistic wellness for women and families through education, physical and mental health, economic and self empowerment. With membership across the globe, HWHN currently reaches over , women annually in 25 different countries around the world. Monokia is a proven brand expert and business mentor who has generated over 1.

    Since starting HWHN at the tender age of 18 at Morgan State University, Monokia has committed her life to helping women of color to grow in their purpose, passion and profits. Phoenyx Austin. In this powerful episode of Happy Black Woman, Dr. Phoenyx Austin shares why healthy entrepreneurs matter to her, and it all stems from an experience she had in a hospital that involved a woman who had diabetes, a rusty nail, and the terrible last resort decision that had to be made to save her life.

    It was a pivotal moment in Dr. Phoenyx's life that caused her to see the vital nature of nutrition for herself and for those she helps. You can hear her story and how she helps entrepreneurs move toward a more healthy lifestyle, on this episode. In fact, even though the body does burn off some of the unhealthy stuff, the truth is that there are not enough hours in the day to burn off the volume of unhealthy food most people eat.

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    Find out how you can get started addressing your health so that you can become a healthy entrepreneur, on this episode. All calories are not created equal: That knowledge could change the way you eat. The calories in - calories out concept is good to know. However, all calories are not created equal. What that means is that many of the calories you may be eating are actually having a bigger negative impact on your body than others, which makes them harder to burn off. On this episode of Happy Black Woman, you will learn what foods contain the worst kind of calories, how to deal with it from a consumption standpoint, and what you can do to adjust the way you eat to build true health into your lifestyle.

    Dropping excess weight is about more than metabolism, fats, and calories. There is a myriad of things that go into a healthy weight loss formula but one of the most important has to do with water intake. To become a healthy entrepreneur you need to make some hard decisions. What is it you really want from life?

    Is it energy and a sense of well-being? Is it monetary or career success? Is it good relationships? Very few things in life impact all of those areas and more - and your physical health is one of them. Becoming healthy requires that you understand the vital link bodily health plays in that equation and then make decisions that enable you to put that priority in place so that all the things you want in life will be fueled by it.

    Impulsive breakup

    Phoenyx Austin is on the show to help us understand how to get to that place, so be sure you listen. Phoenix Austin: Her story. Phoenyx began her own health and lifestyle journey. Phoenyx stays focused and productive.

    All Episodes

    About DR. Phoenyx loves providing fellow women with amazing products and practical tips to achieve our most fit and beautiful body. Find Dr. Phoenyx on her website and YouTube channel.

    Everyone who is part of the Happy Black Woman tribe wants to find income opportunities. Is a Facebook Group going to bring income into your company? Then why are you doing it? One of the big things entrepreneurs are doing these days is creating and connecting with their tribe through Facebook communities. On this episode of Happy Black Woman Rosetta chats with Nicole Walters about why a Facebook group may not be your best option and what you could do instead to make sure your business supports you over the long haul.