Japanese Optical and Geometrical Art

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Japanese Optical and Geometrical Art

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Japanese Optical and Geometrical Art

Some of the most ingenious and attractive modern motifs. Select Parent Grandparent Teacher Kid at heart.

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Taken from an authentic, modern Japanese work, they are an intriguing new source of unique design elements for artists, designers, and illustrators. The designs employ circles, dots, squares, ellipses, curves, lines, angles, complete alphabets, and numbers in a seeming infinitude of balance, asymmetry, repetition, harmony, swirl, and mathematical exactitude.


Japanese Optical and Geometrical Art by Hajime Ouchi - Book - Read Online

Some seem to recede, advance, shimmer, and dazzle in the manner of Op Art; others fool the eye with wholly unexpected shifts in focus; still others start with a basic theme and either develop remarkable variations or repeat the same element almost endlessly. But all, from the smallest design to those that take a full page, fascinate and delight. This book is an inexhaustible source of novel, appealing, and striking design elements for advertising campaigns, packaging, display, industrial use, crafts, textiles, and similar fields.

These designs may be used as they are, or cropped, enlarged, reduced, repeated, rearranged, combined, screened, superimposed, cut apart, overlaid, or otherwise employed.