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Nor was it merely defensible, as though it were but one among many credible intellectual options. For Montgomery, Christian orthodoxy could be and needed to be vindicated. And with unstoppable energy he was going to make that happen. Not only did he begin a furious publication schedule […], but he also took his assault on secularism as well as the vindication of Christian orthodoxy right into the belly of the beast—to the highest levels of an academy that had spurned Christianity.

Dembski, William; Schirrmacher, Thomas. Kindle Edition, Location To call John Warwick Montgomery simply an apologist or even just a theologian would be incredibly reductionist as he is both of those and so much more. Montgomery holds degrees in law, philosophy, theology and even librarianship—a total of 11 earned degrees in all.

He is also an ordained Lutheran minister. He was a regular columnist for Christianity Today from Montgomery has also practiced law both in the US and internationally. It uses modules from though isn't affiliated with, as far as I know the desktop e-Sword software which is free, but not open-source.

The reason I say it's shady is because it's described as "free", but there's a "premium" version. One of the "premium" features is paragraph display for Bibles. No thank you. Single Translation Apps There are a few apps that are just a single Bible translation, but some of them are reasonably well done and free.

What the Bible Says about Piercings of the Body

These are the free ones that have interesting translations free KJV apps are figuratively a dime a dozen and the publisher is likely to have legally received authorization to publish the translation there are stacks of shady NIV apps that probably violate Zondervan's copyright. Verse lookup is easy, paragraphs are displayed, there's a search, footnotes aren't difficult to tap and you can change the font size. One downside is that it has no light-on-dark night mode I think all of the other apps I've described have a night mode. These apps are actually rebranded from FutureSoft and they're available in several other forms, but Parable's are the only ones that don't try to get you to buy something else several sell Bible audio and one tries to sell a Catholic study Bible.

Last edited by Difflugia; at PM. This Bible contains the Greek text edited by B. Westcott and F. Between the lines you will find a word-for-word English translation. Byington 5. The American Standard Version 6.

The Complete Brick Bible for Kids

Sort the search results by the order in which they appear in the Bible or by how frequently they are used in publications produced by Jehovah's Witnesses. I've used the Olive Tree software for years, and it's pretty good, particularly when using parallel translations. I read Koine Greek, so it's convenient to have the original Greek version and an English translation displayed in parallel. My only real issue with Olive Tree is the fact that they don't have any of the "scholarly" study bibles or commentaries as opposed to the "Evangelical" ones.

As someone who studies the bible as a work of literature rather than for religious reasons I'd love to have "secular" works like the Oxford Bible Commentary available. Originally Posted by Danger. Originally Posted by HarryT. Have you tried Lifechurch. TV's Bible app? It's free, has a lot of translations, some of which are on-line only but others downloadable, and seems to be pretty well-made in general.

  • It’s free, it’s viral, it’s Seth Godin’s The Bootstrapper’s Bible - Debbie Weil;
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  • Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations in Engineering by W F Ames (Mathematics in Science and Engineering);
  • King James Version (KJV).
  • Cosmonauts!

It does pop a reminder every so often telling you that spending five minutes with your Bible can make a great difference in your life, but eh, I can deal with that. I used to use Logos for years on my PC but stopped using it altogether. I exported my custom notes from there and then pasted them into AcroBible at their web site. I usually get to the verses long before anyone else is even close. There is no way to get to verses that rapidly with Tecarta or Logos. Plus, a history is kept of all verses accessed so returning to older verses is even more rapid.

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I also find the largest font in AcroBible is far larger than available in Tecarta or Logos. My eyes require those fonts.

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My custom tabs are shown in alphabetical order on the s5 but are not in order on the HDX for some reason. I have hundreds of those tags which get me to all verses related to any topic I set up to capture them. I like the Strong's Numbers available on both to get the Greek and Hebrew equivalents rapidly. I did not find Tecarta and Logos that convenient.

I tend to use the s5 more than the HDX since I can carry the former in my shirt pocket. Those two apps are slightly different and purchased the most expensive version for each one separately from the proper store. Last edited by sirmaru; at PM. Originally Posted by sirmaru.

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  8. Another feature of the AcroBible app is that one can apply more than one tag to any verse blue predestination world and the color tags will appear on those verses. Since the pastor and the group are constantly jumping to new verses, the Three Tap Verse Locator allows me to keep up and the One Tap Verse History allows me to go back. It never pushes new resources at added cost as Logos always does. However, I don't want to add anything to what I already have in AcroBible.

    Logos 5 for the PC is the most comprehensive way to study the Bible with thousands of resources. I simply don't have the time to use them. Last edited by sirmaru; at AM. I have the Pocket Bible and have used it for over 10 years. Add it now to start borrowing from the collection.

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