The Devils Deception of the Modern Day Salafi Sect

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Sufism / Soofiyyah (صُوفِيَّة)

Amal Kilani Mar 31, In the name of Allah The One. Therefore, following them is Salafiya.

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As for taking Salafiya as a specific way that specific people are upon and consider whoever differs with them as misguided, even if the truth is with them, then this without doubt is in opposition to Salafiya! They did not consider those who differed with them in interpreting verses as misguided, by Allah except in Aqeedah creed. They i.

But, some people subscribe to Salafiya in our time have begun to make anyone who differs with them misguided, even if the truth is with him. Some of them have taken it as a Hizbi Manhaj fanatical methodology like some of the other fanatical groups that ascribe themselves to Islam, and this is what is repudiated and is impossible to accept. And some people say that the things that will be weighed on the day of judgement are the actions, where some say that it is the books of actions that will be weighed.

And with all of that, they never would consider each other as misguided. Samiyah Abdus-Samad Mar 29, Yasir Qadhi, no longer a salafi? Mo Mo Apr 04, Ghulam Hussain Apr 05, Yes, inshaa Allah he will enter Jannah a Muslim, with a qalbin salim, pure from any sin, bidah or shirk.

Ghulam Hussain Apr 04, The movement has no strength or merit to it, just spiritual and moral bankruptcy.


Only people who can are the generation that succeeded them and those that followed them can claim to follow the followers of Salaf. A proper chain with proper sanad unlike the hocus pocus of salafism which arrogantly reject the followers of the Salaf and make the false claim they are following the Salaf.

Shaytan did a number on them to fool them into thinking they are in any way like the Salif Salih. Ghulam Hussain Apr 11, Brother Hamood Apr 17, Abdul Wahhab was a good man…. Ghulam Hussain Apr 21, Ghulam Hussain Apr 09, Looks like our mate Ghulam Hussain has something to do with the Ahbash cult….. In fact they are the ones who came to destroy Islam along with Ibn Saud.

Gibran Apr 11, Assalamualaikum wa rahmatukllahi wa barakatuh I have never labelled myself a Salafi or a Wahhabi and I hope, not anyone else. Ibn Abdul Wahab was disowned by his father and brother and they each wrote books fully condemning him completely. He conspired with his fasiq cohort Ibn Saud to destroy Islam and the caliphate system with the complete aid from the British. These are the true enemies of Islam and enemies of Allah.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi Salafi Post Removed

The people who are truly following the salaf,follow their successors until now which are known as Ahle Sunnah Wa Jammat. They can not even speak his name properly and hold deep resentment to him and work their hardest to marginalize him, essentially kharjis. They are not people who recite Durood Shareef and Salawat. Products of this store will be shipped directly from Hong Kong to your country. Products of this store will be shipped directly from Kuwait to your country.

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