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Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled. Page Flip: Enabled. Language: English. Audible Download Audio Books. DPReview Digital Photography. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. My photograph of the giant skeleton found on Catalina Island was a ground breaker of a discovery and it is also in On the Trail of the Nephilim II.

I conducted a triple blind study examining the photograph and all researchers put it at just under nine feet! This is extraordinary! They interviewed me about my discovery on Catalina.

On The Trail of the Nephilim II

All the products we sell on the web site are designed in some way to introduce the reader, or in the case of our Watchers Series , the viewer, to the Biblical narrative. Some books like The Cosmic Chessmatch make it very clear about Jesus being the way to salvation.

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Other products like some of our Watchers series are more subtle and are designed to pique the viewers interest in finding out more. From the Nephilim Trilogy which made the CBA best sellers list, to the latest book On the Trail of the Nephilim II , to all eight of our Watchers Series , every one of our products are created from a Biblical world-view perspective and promote the Biblical narrative. Several months ago I foolishly sent a photograph of what I found on Catalina Island to another researcher. I had never met this individual but had talked to him over the phone several times.

In short I trusted him. Unbeknownst to me at the time, was this individual had a contractual agreement with a production company to produce a series of shows on giants. Armed with knowing the picture existed the production team then flew him out Catalina Island, so he could see it for himself. While the picture that I discovered in the archives is not my property, the research and discovery of what turns out to be an 8. There were also other discoveries which I made there and are included in the book. I am releasing this chapter—the other discoveries are omitted from this post—in order to establish that the discovery was mine.

I have been told this program has been picked up by a network and will be aired in November, so I am publishing this information in order to set the recored straight. Below is the chapter along with one of the three technicians who analyzed the photograph.

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This was a triple blind study and resulted in the affirmation that the skeleton, found in situ, in front of Ralph Glidden, was in fact, well over eight feet in height. Most of us have heard the song,.

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One source was Micah E. However, what was key to my research, came from a book authored by Jim Watson, entitled, Mysterious Catalina.

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I called Jim and we discussed his book and the chapter on the giant skeletons. Glidden had opened a museum and displayed his finds to the public. Glidden was successful in his endeavors as he unearthed hundreds of Native American skeletons. He was also employed by the Heye Museum who displayed his discoveries in its museum. These finds were sensationalized in the Los Angeles Times.

When Glidden passed away, the artifacts and skeletons in his museum were donated to the University of Santa Barbara. As I found out later, the collection was split up into three parts, one part being held in UCLA, the other in England and the third in France! Of course this is only a theory as I have no way of proving it one way or the other. In other words why do we have a story from the Los Angeles Times which indicates a large skeleton upward of nine feet was locates?

Is it a ploy to sell papers? Was the reporter being honest in her writing up the story? Did she happen to see the nine footer? The big question for me is, what happened to it? I was privileged to view part of the collection at UCLA. I was accompanied by Jim Watson and we were met by the Archaeologist in charge of the collection, W.

Jim had arranged the meeting and I found myself in the back room, which the general public does not have access to, where we were met by a member of the Chumash tribe, who was in his early twenties and may have been a student.

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  8. He was there to make sure no photographs were taken as well as we showed the proper respect when viewing the remains. He remained with us for over an hour and then left. I was looking for an unknown race of beings and perhaps, according to my theory the remains of the Nephilim, who I believed migrated here from the Levant thousands of years ago to escape being destroyed by the armies of Joshua and Israel.

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    I saw row after row of what were Native American skulls, as well as other human remains, but it soon became clear that we were not going to see anything out of the ordinary. I asked a Forensic Anthropologist who was with us, what he thought of Glidden. However, I will include a picture of it here as well. This led to a discussion about Darwinism and the prevailing view that human beings came across the Bering Straight at the end of the last ice age. Several days later I sent him a photo of the Chongos skull. We left the museum and Jim and I had dinner together.

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    Jim informed me that an old journal, photos and letters had been discovered on Catalina island by John Boraginna, the curator of the Catalina Island Museum. I hired the services of Terry Johnston to fly me here for two reasons. The first being I wanted to get a good aerial view of the island and the second was I would have access to the interior of the island which the typical tourist does not see. We went through a check list and I found myself flipping switches and looking at gauges and instruments, which I had no idea of what they did!

    The Instrument Panel We slipped on our headphones which allowed us to communicate without yelling above the roar of the engine and then Terry instructed me to turn the engine on, which as Terry pointed out is pretty much like starting a car.

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    The engine came alive and before we taxied down the runway, Terry told me to use the left and right brake to steer the plane. At first it was tricky and I wanted to grab the wheel, which would not have accomplished anything, but I got the hang of it and kept the planes nose pointed down the yellow stripe on the runway.

    Through my headset I heard Terry talking to the tower and moments later we were cleared for takeoff. Terry throttled the engine and the plane bounced along the runway, picking up speed as it did. In a matter of a few seconds we were airborne!