Twisted: A Minneapolis Tornado Memoir

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Twisted - A Minneapolis Tornado Memoir by Marie Porter

I took a still deeper dive and discovered much more elaborate mapping of the NoMi disaster, one simple example is below; there are other maps, more complex with higher resolution, along with a report here. Lastly, I asked myself this: given such challenges to NoMi, is there anything else not apparent that perhaps should be? Compare-and-Contrast A college teacher knows the value of assigning compare-and-contrast essays, so I gave that challenge — to myself! A core subject of Sustainable Cities Collective and the mission of my college became a meta-question — have any post-tornado efforts unfolded elsewhere to promote more energy-smart and less consumptive cities, neighborhoods, and homes?

Perhaps comparisons might best be ushered forward to confirm some sort of hypothesis.

Twisted - A Minneapolis Tornado Memoir

That takes time and doesn't fit the look and feel of SCC essays or columns. On the other hand, an inductive effort to search for patterns within data — and on maps — made sense to me. So, where to look? Perhaps Joplin, Missouri: we easily recall a huge tornado that struck Joplin that very day last May, with far more death and destruction than NoMi. Joplin is a big enough city that residents' socioeconomic demography would have some overlap with that of Minneapolis.

One interesting barrier to comparison is that exactly equal time has passed; I asked myself, what's to compare so soon?

It shouldn't be a contest. Instead I went back further to determine what other U. A date of four years earlier — , also in May — surfaced; the locus for comparison was tiny Greensburg, Kansas. On May 4, , Greensburg bore the devastating brunt of an EF5 tornado, with wind speeds at or over mph. Its path was reported as two miles wide. Nearly all residents were made homeless that day. Path of tornado below is courtesy EPA.

Minneapolis/, Minnesota Significant Severe Weather and Tornado Coverage NOAA Weather Radio

Looks a little bit like a fractal pattern, see sidebar. Greensburg is neither a Joplin nor a Minneapolis: it is small, with a population just under 1, at the time the tornado arrived. Do other demographics overlap? So what might interest us about Greensburg, now a few months short of five years after a tornado utterly destroyed it?

Greensburg's Post-Tornado Summary.

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Dorothy "Wizard of Oz" Gale would be impressed with the above factoids! It's fair to assume that Greensburg has never had to care that much about abandoned properties. There certainly were no data readily available to map that. The other end of the continuum offered more, building permits; basic data for that was easy to find. Unsurprisingly, post-tornado permits soared.

December 3, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. Well written. Porter sheds light on how to handle a disaster with grace, humor, patience and dignity. Glad she, her husband and the cats survived. Great idea on using the destroyed tree for her cabinets. Would recommend this book to anyone. September 21, - Published on Amazon.

Twisted: A Minneapolis Tornado Memoir

Twisted recounts in great detail, the author's experiences with a direct hit by a tornado and how their lives were literally and emotionally turned upside down. I couldn't help but feel anxious and helpless while reading about all the trauma she and her husband and their 4? Thanks to her Twitter and Facebook entries, Marie gave honest and accurate histories detailing the moment the weather turned bad to discovering the devastation, to her frustration with vultures preying on other tornado victims, and dealing with a city of bureaucrats, to the road to recovery, both physically and emotionally.

Twisted is a page-turner full of gut-wrenching emotions and heartwarming victories. May 19, - Published on Amazon. Siblings hit by carjacker in Minneapolis making progress; sister still in hospital with brain injury.

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